PHOTON ENERGY: Quality made in Germany

laser marking systems
available in three designs
Laser sources
for micromachining and structuring
wafer-micro-lasermarking with a 40µm character size (left) / gold-micro-lasermarking with a 500µm & 200µm character size (right)
Software tool for UDI procedure
Innovation in medical technology
Corrosion-free marking
of surgical instruments


For many years PHOTON ENERGY GmbH has been established as a reliable partner for industry and science. The globally acting company focusses on laser marking systems and OEM laser sources for industrial laser materials processing. The individual requirements of our customers are our number one priority. Therefore you can count on our tailor-made solutions and comprehensive support.

Our high quality standards ensure a leading position as supplier of very reliable high power laser sources and systems for a wide range of applications. PHOTON ENERGY GmbH is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified since 2006.




Micro lasermarking

The picture shows a micro laser mark with a character size of 40µm on a wafer target material. Since the deposited heat of the ps-laser is very little small laser markings without heat affected zones... Read More