The labelling and marking of metals is achieved through an engraving effect. Material is removed as a result of the high intensity of the laser beam. Controlled by a computer, the laser beam is moved over the material by means of a Galvanometer scanner deflection system, and thus engraves graphics and letters on the metal with high speed and high precision.

Annealing colors marking makes use of the structural change that occurs on steel and titan at high temperatures. A well-known example of annealing colors are stainless steel exhaust pipe parts, which turn dark at high operating temperatures. With the laser, this effect can be achieved even on a very small area thanks to its high thermal impact. The metal changes to a dark color and an excellent contrast is achieved.

The marking speed that can be reached depends to a great extent on the average power and the laser beam diameter. This technique can be applied to ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals do not behave in the same way.

Appropriate laser sources:


LEO Mark



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