The labeling and marking of metals can be performed through an engraving effect. Material is removed in the process due to the high intensity of the laser beam. The laser beam can be guided over the material by means of a computer-controlled galvanometer scanner deflection system in order to engrave graphics and text into the metal with high speed and accuracy.

Another possible application is to focus the laser beam in a fixed position and then move the material. In this case, the machined part is mounted on a carriage movable in the X and Y axes and then guided under the laser beam via a computer-controlled system. Due to its nature, the movable carriage has greater mass and inertia compared to a galvanoscanner system. One advantage of this method is that the work on the material can be performed at lower focal distances and therefore with smaller laser beam diameters.

A series of parameters are important for the engraving of metals and can be configured by software. This enables the optimization of the engraving depth and visual appearance in a wide range according to the preferences of the customer.

All metals can be engraved with the lasers offered in the product range of PHOTON ENERGY GmbH. In this respect, the good beam quality and short pulse durations are particularly useful, especially for the engraving of non-ferrous and precious metals.

Appropriate laser sources:

LEO Mark




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