History of the firm:

2001 Company established as PHOTON ENERGY GmbH
2002  Introduction of ARIES ns-laser
2002 Introduction of LEO ns-laser, 4.5 W
2003 Certification according to ISO 9001:2000
2003 Introduction of NAUTILUS laser marking system
2004  Introduction of AQUILA ns-laser, 50W
2005  Certification according to ISO 13485:2001
2006 Introduction of Leo ns-lasers, 8 W and 10 W
2007 Introduction of AQUILA ns-laser 120 W
2009  Introduction of LEO ns-laser, 15 W
2011 Introduction of CEPHEUS ps-laser, 2 W and 12 W
2011 Acquisition of the product line of laser marking systems from NWL Lasertechnologie GmbH. The entire division of NWL Lasertechnologie has been integrated into PHOTON ENERGY GmbH providing PHOTON ENERGY with a business experience of more than 20 years.
2011 Introduction of WORKSTATION
2014 Opening of new production building
2014 Introduction of FORANO
2015 Software for UDI compliant marking of surgery instruments
2016 Introduction of the enhanced ps-Laser CEPHEUS with 16W average power