All-round laser marking cabinet WORKSTATION XXL

Our new WORKSTATION XXL, which we introduced at the beginning of 2018, is truly an allround-talent.The laser processing system can be equipped with up to six axis. This makes the processing of workpieces possible from above as well as from the side. Because of its size, the machine is especially suited for larger parts. Our PHOTONmark software, which has been proven in the field for over 20 years, is used to control the marking process.

The WORKSTATION XXL can be equipped with all laser sources, this includes our ultra short pulse lasers with up to 50W mean output power. The above mentioned variability when it comes to size of the workpiece and kind of application allow for the WORKSTATION XXL to be used in a multitude of areas of applications such as the medical device industry. 

With our proprietary PERMAblack process pieces like surgical instruments can be marked corrosion-free and with high contrast. The markings are also not impacted by passivation and autoclaving. This makes our technology the ideal choice for the implementation of the FDA’s UDI directive. 

The WORKSTATION XXL also impresses with its stable frame structure with a fully automatic door which is suitable for both ergonomic standing and seated work positions. The workspace is easily accessible. This makes the working with the machine convenient for the operator. Options for the WORKSTATION XXL include a XY-table and one or two rotary axis. For further information and details, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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