Vision Systems

CamVision MAP

MAP generates pictures of the marking area using the different integrated camera systems (CamVision or CamVision Pro). After adjusting them with image correction algorithms it depicts them in the laser marking software PHOTONmark.

Screen Vision System CamVision MAP Marking by Augmented Positioning


MAP generates a picture of the marking area using the laser system’s camera. It depicts them in the marking Software PHOTONmark after correcting the photographs using image correction algorithms.

Subsequently, the laser marking can be positioned directly on the workpiece in the intuitive user-interface of PHOTONmark. This ensures the precise laser marking of the workpiece.


The PHOTONmark laser Software imports the pictures which are generated by the MAP functionality and displays them directly in the familiar user interface. To facilitate a comfortable and precise usage of the pictures, they are corrected using advanced image correction algorithms. Afterwards they are converted to a top-view photograph. The operator is now able to utilize them effortlessly. Larger areas of the workpiece are depicted using several pictures and piecing them together in a grid.

The laser marking can then be positioned directly on the workpiece in the software user interface –  What you see is what you get !