laser processing machine MISTRALThe laser marking system MISTRAL was introduced in 1997 in Munich at the LASER World of Photonics trade fair. Because of its groundbreaking compact design it pioneered the era of compact laser marking systems.
Since that time we continuously adjusted and improved the technology used for the MISTRAL systems, today making it more precise than ever. Optional fittings include a camera system as well as a rotary axis.

MISTRAL can either be used as a stand-alone-unit or be implemented into production lines. For that purpose, the upper marking cabinet can be separated from the supply unit. MISTRAL itself meets all requirements of a Class I laser.

Depending on the field of application, our integrated OEM-markers offer various possibilities to equip a MISTRAL with the best fitting laser source for your particular demand. FIBER lasers are suited for fast processing with considerable material removal or large marking areas, while the air-cooled lasers of the LEO series qualify for small structures and high precision.

PHOTONmark, our proprietary software for marking applications is included with the MISTRAL system.




Available OEM laser markers for integration: Applications examples: Options:
LEO Mark Metal – Engraving | Annealing Colors | Material removal Rotation axis
FIBER Mark Plastics – Engraving | Cutting X-Y-table
For OEM laser markers
FIBER Mark, LEO Mark
Laser class
laser class 1
Dimensions (W x D x H)
785 x 820 x 1702 mm³
Door dimensions (W x H)
580 x 350 mm²
Max. size of workpiece (W x D)*
580 x 500 mm²
computer controlled
Observation window (W x H)
190 x 90 mm²
machining area
min. 65 x 65 mm²
max. 205 x 205 mm²

* the height depends on the installed optic


max. height of workpiece** focal length of optic machining area
max. 470 mm; min. 70 mm f = 100 65 x 65 mm²
max. 390 mm f = 160 100 x 100 mm²
max. 230 mm f = 254 160 x 160 mm²
max. 130 mm f = 330 205 x 205 mm²

** depending on installed optic


Technical data as a Adobe Acrobat document:


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