Live-Webinar: PERMAblack, the clever way of marking surgical instruments

In the medical field, seamless product tracking, less product piracy and highest patient safety are the number one priority.

With this webinar, PHOTON ENERGY will present the consequences of UDI regulations for the laser marking process and explain ways to fully comply with these regulations.

We will also show how this may turn into a financial benefit. We will compare different laser sources with regard to the technical quality of the laser markings and quality assurance aspects.

Furthermore, the webinar highlights the possibilities of fully integrating the marking process in the production flow of your company.

This webinar will cover:

  • requirements of UDI regulations for the laser marking process
  • comparison of different laser sources in regard to technical qualities of the laser marking and quality assurance aspects
  • financial considerations
  • integration of the laser marking process into the production flow, hardware and software solutions

Duration of the webinar: approx 45 minutes