This OEM laser system is a powerful, yet very compact and robust marking system.

Its extremely short pulses (typically <15 picoseconds), very limited material ablation per laser pulse and the possibility of “cold processing” make CEPHEUSMark the ideal laser marking system for delicate, highly precise structures on sensitive materials (like wafer-thin films).

These ultrafast laser pulses induce nonlinear multi-photon absorption processes which to a large extent make the processing independent from laser wavelength. This means that almost all materials, even the ones like glass that are typically transparent to these wavelengths can be processed with our ps-lasers.

Because this processing technique does not rely on heat effects like with nanosecond lasers, meaning there is no deterioration of the work piece due to heat induced melting, deformation or discoloration it can be used for a variety of applications that wouldn’t have been possible with conventional lasers.

Providing a variability of its pulse energy of up to 300µJ the marking system can be used for fast yet precise applications with short cycle times as well as for drilling applications.

With our proprietary PERMAblack process we offer a unique way for corrosion-free marking on steel. Because these markings are deeply black independent of the viewing angle they offer new possibilities in fields like medical or aviation industry.

The CEPHEUS marking system is fully air-cooled and highly compact. It can therefore easily be integrated into a marking cabinet or directly into a production line. Our high quality standards ensure outstanding mechanical stability and robustness which makes CEPHEUSmark the ideal system for constant quality even in demanding mult-shift operations.

All our marking systems can be controlled with our industry-leading PHOTONmark software.

Application examples:

Metal Engraving

Metal Permablack





CEPHEUS Mark 1012
CEPHEUS Mark 1016
 CEPHEUS Mark 1016        SHG
laser type
mode locked Nd: YVO4; λ = 1064 nm
mode locked Nd: YVO4; λ = 532 nm
max. average power
12 W
16 W
5 W
max. pulse energy
250 μJ
300 μJ
125 μJ
frequency range
20 kHz- 500 kHz (optional – 6MHz)
beam quality
ambient termperature
20° C – 35° C
application software
Software PHOTONmark
electrical connections
90 – 264 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
90 – 264 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
el. power consumption
max. 0,7 kW
max. 1,0 kW
cable length
2 m *
lense (scan field)
f = 100 mm
(70 x 70 mm²) **
dimensions & weight
L x W x H
laser head
617 x 325 x 338 mm³
ca. 60 kg
laser control unit
471 x 482 x 177 mm³
16,5 kg
marking control unit
473 x 482 x 133 mm³
12,4 kg

* different cable lengths upon request
** different lenses / scan field sizes upon request

Technical data as Adobe Acrobat document :


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