PHOTON ENERGY uses its PERMAblack-technology to mark surgical instruments. Compared to the technique typically used by our competitors, our disruptive approach distinguishes itself through significant advantages. The manufacturing of surgical instruments as well as their use in clinics and medical practices is more cost-effective while having proved to at the same time deliver higher quality results. A win-win situation. The marking process with PHOTON ENERGY technology is validated.  


korrosionsfreie Dunkelmarkierung Medizintechnik
Medizintechnik Beschriftung auf Sterilcontainer
Beschriftung auf Sterilcontainer für die Medizinbranche

     Our PERMAblack-technology elevates laser markings to a new level:

    •   validated process
    •   high contrast
    •   readable from all viewing angles
    •   high resolution because of small structure size
    •   marking on curved surfaces
    •   high packing density
    •   persistance to corrosion
    •   marking not impacted by passivation and autoclaving
    •   shorter duration of marking process



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