Blackmarking PERMAblack

A saturated black color of the metallic surface can be achieved by using the CEPHEUS ultrashort pulse laser with our proprietary PERMAblack marking process. The markings created with this laser have a deep black appearance that is independent of the viewing angle (in contrast to annealing colors).

Applications (selection)

+ stainless steel

+ medical steel

+ copper

+ noble metals (e.g. gold)

+ anodized or untreated aluminium


+ deep black marking, high contrast

+ independent of viewing angle

+ corrosion-free

+ longevity of marking

+ shorter process cycle

Using the ultrashort pulse laser CEPHEUS together with our unique PERMAblack® – process enables us to archive a saturated Darkening of the surface with very little heat exposure. This so-called Black Marking alters the surface of a metal on a nanoscopic level, absorbing all of the incoming light by creating a light trap. Therefore, the marking looks black regardless of the viewing direction and appears dark even with high light intensity. This process is suitable for precise markings on numerous metals such as stainless steel or aluminum. Furthermore any type of metal remains its resistance to corrosion.

Blackmarking on Aluminium

On anodized aluminum, our PERMAblack® marking creates high-contrast, abrasion-resistant lettering without destroying the anodized layer. The properties of aluminum remain intact, i.e. its corrosion resistance and surface structure. Even under an electron microscope, no change in the surface is visible.

PERMABlack-marking is resistant against passivation

Durability of markings

The deep black PERMAblack® marking remains permanently legible even without subsequent treatment. This means that the process can be used in a variety of ways. Because the marking remains black even after many cleaning processes, it is ideal for medical devices. Here we label surgical instruments or implants in a UDI-compliant and highly precise manner.

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