A saturated black color of the metallic surface can be achieved by using the CEPHEUS ultrashort pulse laser with our proprietary PERMAblack marking process. The markings created with this laser have a deep black appearance that is independent of the viewing angle (in contrast to annealing colors).

If corrosion-resistant parts are marked in black with the CEPHEUS laser, no subsequent passivation (protection against corrosion) of the marked surface is necessary, in contrast to marking with a nanosecond laser.

One particularly interesting application is the dark or black marking of anodized aluminum. In this case, no changes to the surface structure are identifiable even when the surface is examined under an electron microscope. Despite that, the marking is deeply black, independent of the viewing angle and completely abrasion-proof.

Some of the metals and metal alloys that are particularly suitable here include: stainless steel types, various types of medical-grade stainless steel, copper, precious metals such as gold, anodized or untreated aluminum, and many more.

Appropriate laser sources:



korrosionsfreie Dunkelmarkierung Medizintechnik


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