PHOTON ENERGY presents a comprehensive update of the marking software PHOTONmark

With the release of the latest version 4.1 of the marking software PHOTONmark for our laser marking systems and OEM markers, a number of improvements and workloads have been made for our customers.

In addition to 64-bit support and a completely redesigned user interface, there are now various options for adapting the design of the software to the needs of the end user.

The functionality of the software has also been significantly expanded and optimized to meet the demanding customer needs: The intercompatibility with the Autocad/ DXF file format has been improved and new featureshave been implemented in the user management.

In addition to an extended QR code functionality, there are further improvements for the UDI module “PHOTONmark UDI-Control” or “PUC”, which is frequently required in medical technology, due to the now available support for the camera system and multiple use.

All this combined with a now further increased performance makes PHOTONmark the ideal tool for all marking applications.