PERMAblack goes Berlin

Successful Tech-Talk in Berlin- methods of modern UDI-marking – efficient, safe and traceable!

PHOTON ENERGY successfully continued its TECH-TALK series in Berlin.

Numerous attendees from industries like precision engineering, Aviation and medical technology were able to gather knowledge about the newest developments for applications of ultrafast laser technology and its advantages in the field of black marking.

Besides theoretical and practical aspects of functional surfaces our speakers highlighted how easy it is to integrate our machines into processes, their conformity with regulatory provisions and the potential to cut costs in downstream process steps.

The talk had a special focus on laser markings in the context of the FDA’s UDI-regulation and their traceability throughout the product life cycle.




Process integration and validation

Of special interest for the attendees was the segment on the integration and validation of our PERMAblack marking process. The companies AS Medizintechnik GmbH and Geister Medizintechnik GmbH which are both based in the south German Tuttlingen area, which is famous for its medical equipment manufacturers, presented their own experiences and approach with regards to the application and UDI compliant implementation of the PERMAblack process.

Following the theoretical part of the evening, the audience had the chance to get a first hand look at the CEPHEUS Workstation marking system, which is the first system with ultrashort pulse technology for PERMAblack markings. Working with the machine, the participants got to know its operational advantages and the easy handling of our PHOTONmark 3 software.

Notably, the versatile and secure PERMAblack marking on stainless steel as well as the corrosion- and distortion-free marking of various alloys persuaded the attendants. On top of that, further areas of application like marking and engraving of plastics, glass or various substrate materials were introduced.