photon-energy-thumb-aquila1064 nm | 120 – 200 W

AQUILA are diode pumped solid state lasers (DPSSL). They are pulsed lasers with their pulses being in the ns range and provide an average output power of up to 200 W.

Because of these properties AQUILA lasers are well suited for materials processing. Possible applications cover drilling, cutting, engraving and marking of metals, plastics, ceramics or glass.

The lasers are designed as OEM-devices which are easy to integrate and are characterized by their reliability and robustness. Their laser parameters can be easily adjusted on a wide scale which makes the lasers particularly flexible. Without any hardware changes it is for example possible with the same system to perform both annealing marking or engraving on metal, two processes that require significantly different laser parameter settings.

Because of their high average output power of up to 200 W, AQUILA lasers are ideal for processing large areas or volumes that simultaneously require short cycle times.