short pulse nanosecond laser Leo by photon energyDue to their excellent beam profile and pulse energy rating LEO lasers are especially suited for applications which require a high level of precision like the generation of high definition patterns, filigree engravings or trimming of electronics. The air-cooled, low maintenance lasers stand out because of their robustness, they are easy to operate and low cost.
LEO lasers are diode pumped solid state lasers (DPSSL) with an acousto-optic modulator as a q-switching device. By adjusting pulse energy as well as pulse repetition frequency to the particular application, the mutable pulse repetition frequency enables the user to fully benefit from the whole range of the output power. This is especially useful when not only precision and quality but also process speed has to be taken into account.

Depending on the application LEO-lasers are available as Nd:YAG or Nd:Vanadate. Of course the laser is protected against optical back reflections.


Application examples:

Metal | Annealing Colors
Metal | Engraving

Plastics | Carbonization
Plastics | Engraving
Plasticsp | Foaming


LEO 4,5
LEO 15
Laser type
Nd: YAG; λ = 1064 nm
Nd: YAG; λ = 1064 nm, optional: Nd: YVO4
Max. average power
4,5 W
8 W
15 W
Pulse peak power Nd: YAG
30 kW @ 3 kHz
56 kW @ 3 kHz
70 kW @ 3 kHz
Pulse peak power Nd: YVO4
35 kW @ 20 kHz
Frequency range
1 – 100 kHz
1 – 100 kHz, cw
Beam quality
Beam diameter (exit)
5 mm
7 mm
Ambient temperature
10° C – 35° C
Electrical connections 230 VAC, 50 Hz oder 115 VAC, 60 Hz 90 – 264 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
El. power consumption
max. 0,6 kW
max. 0,8 kW
Cable length
3 m *
Dimensions & weight
L x W x H
laser head:
451 x 126 x 158 mm³
8 kg
laser head:
451 x 135 x 166 mm³
9 kg
laser head:
474 x 149 x 165 mm³
12,2 kg
laser control unit:
293 x 482 x 129 mm³
16 kg
laser control unit:
473 x 482 x 133 mm³
16,5 kg

* different cable lengths upon request

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