laser marking system FORANOFORANO is a compact, flexible laser marking table top system combining proven technologies of other PHOTON ENERGY marking systems. Compared to larger systems it offers similar performance regarding software as well as hardware components. Being more compact in size FORANO produces comparable machining quality as larger systems but at lower costs. Therefore FORANO is ideal for customers intending to mark different parts in small batches. If necessary, the system can be transported by car which makes it an even more flexible device.

FORANO systems are equipped with our established, air-cooled LEO lasers. On the one hand this ensures outstanding reliability and robustness; on the other hand the LEO laser line facilitates a wide range of different parameters for material processing. Because of this extreme flexibility of use FORANO is suited for various applications.

FORANO is available with up to 8 Watts of average laser output power and an optional rotation axis for marking round objects like rings or drills.

The FORANO system is delivered with our PHOTONmark software for marking applications.

Available OEM laser markers for integration: Application examples: Options:
LEO Mark 8 W Metal – Engraving, Annealing Colors, Material removal Rotation axis
Plastics – Engraving, Cutting


For OEM laser markers
LEO Mark 8 W
Laser class
Laser class 1
Dimensions (L x W x H)
650 x 860 x 650 mm³
computer controlled
Max. size of workpiece (W x D)*
578 x 320 mm²
Observation window
200 x 287 mm²

** depending on installed optic


max. height of workpiece** focal lenght of optic machining area
max. 187 mm f = 100 65 x 65 mm²
max. 120 mm f = 160 100 x 100 mm²

** depending on installed optic


Technical data as a Adobe Acrobat document:


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