April 25, Tuttlingen civic center


PERMABlack-markings and regulatory requirements in the medical industry – technology, process integration, documentation


With over 90 participants our Tech-Talk in Tuttlingen was well attended and a great success!

The attendees, mostly local companies with medical backgrounds, were briefed on the theoretical foundations of ultra-short pulse laser technology and the advantages of our PERMABlack marking process.

Most notably, our system can easily be integrated into the UDI-process using our software-tool which can be used in manufacturing as well as logistics.

Laser Marking in medical industryTop speakers of the Bayerisches Laserzentrum GmbH (bavarian laser center) and early adopters explained the differences and advantages of “genuine” black marking. They also exemplified the easy handling and process integration using tangible applications.

The highlights of the event were case studies of Geister Medizintechnik GmbH and AS Medizintechnik GmbH which have been using our marking solutions in a medical environment for years.

Afterwards the attendees and speakers had the chance to exchange ideas during the get-together.

It became apparent once again, that the right marking process can make all the difference when it comes to an easy validation, intuitive functionality and seamless process integration.

PHOTON ENERGY can rightfully be considered a pioneer of black marking solutions.

Our PERMABlack method in combination with our UDI software-tool offers an easy, secure and validated UDI-marking to the medical industry.

The key factor is our expertise in the field of ultra short-pulse laser technology.

Find out for yourself!


Case Study of AS Medizintechnik


PHOTON ENERGY Team at the event