Live Webinar

UDI-compliant marking of surgical tools using PHOTON ENERGY’s PERMAblack process.

In this webinar the technical as well as economical benefits of PERMAblack will be explained and compared to conventional laser marking methods.

    • UDI compliant
    • no fading during passivation
    • corrosion-resistant
    • no deterioration by autoclaving
  • life-long readibility

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

TIME: 1:00 CST

Language: English

PHOTON ENERGY provides a total solution for marking medical devices including the PERMAblack process itself, UDI-software package and several camera options. Machine housings are available in different sizes to process small instruments up to larger tools and steril-containers.

In North-American territories, PHOTON ENERGY is represented by KEARNEY MACHINERY.