PHOTONmark™ is a software package for laser marking application which is completely developed and supported by our in house photon-energy-photonmark-screenshot-2software department. PHOTONmark™ software is well established for more than 20 years. The WYSIWYG environment offers a quick and straightforward access to the full functionality of the package.

PHOTOTNmark™ is particularly developed for and adapted to our laser marking solutions FORANO, MISTRAL, WORKSTATIONAQUILAmark, LEOmark, FIBERmark and CEPHEUSmark and is included with the purchase of these laser marking systems.

It can be operated under WINDOWS XP / 7, 32- or 64-bit versions. Due to its comprehensive functionality it provides the user a wide scope for design. Despite the wide range of functions and options PHOTONmark™ is well-arranged and easy to usein combination with the PHOTON laser marking systems.

With PHOTONmark™ you can apply

■ labels
■ 2D or 2.5D structures
■ bar codes or digital 2D data matrices
■ complex pictures, pixel or vector graphics




photon-energy-photonmark-beschriftungThe user can embed all for WINDOWS available TrueType fonts as well as CHR fonts which are particularly appropriate for fast technical labeling. A variety of formats like bold or italic, superscript or subscript as well as labeling along a given curve are possible.

PHOTONmark™ supports automatic and successive import of component related data like manufacturing date or serial number. They can be imported from Text or Excel files.




PHOTONmark™ can create geometrical figures like rectangles, triangles or circles in a similar way like you can do it in MS Office programs. These figures can be formatted in various ways. If the connected system is equipped with a motorized z-axis, 2.5D structures like cut-outs or holes can be realized. For the processing of more complex pixel or vector graphics the following data formats can be imported:

vector-based: *.pit, *.wmf, *.emf, *.dxf, *.dwg, *.gbr, *.gbx
pixel-based *.bmp, *.jpg, *.pdf


Imported graphics can be freely positioned, scaled or rotated. Optionally pixel based graphics can be vectorized.



photon-energy-photonmark-screenshot-3Further options:

■ bar codes and data matrices (1D/2D Codes / Datamatrix ECC200 / GS1 / QR-Code)
■ automatic segmentation to mark curved surfaces
■ import of previously used formats: Mark2000(*.job) , NWLMark (*.nmj)
■ camera based positioning and object recognition
integration into UDI-Process (medical technology)
■ User management
■ Data base interface (e.g. SAP-interface)





■ digital interface to control the Laser source
■ COM software interface to get controlled by third-party software
■ RS-232 or TCP/IP remote control

System requirements: WINDOWS 7, 32 or 64 bit versions



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