Applications on Metal

No matter the circumstances, we offer a solution for almost every kind of application

Laser Engraving on Metal




All metals can be engraved with the lasers offered in the product range of PHOTON ENERGY. In this respect, the good beam quality and short pulse durations are particularly useful, especially for the engraving of non-ferrous and precious metals.

Laser Blackmarking on Metal



Black Marking PERMAblack

A saturated black color of the metallic surface can be achieved by using our ultrashort pulse lasers with our proprietary PERMAblack marking process. In contrast to annealing colors, the markings created with this laser have a deep black appearance that is independent of the viewing angle. 



Laser Marking Annealing Colors on Metal



Annealing Colors

Annealing makes use of the structural change that occurs on steel and titan at high temperatures. A well-known example of annealing colors are stainless steel exhaust pipe parts, which turn dark at high operating temperatures. With the laser, this effect can be achieved even on a very small area thanks to its high thermal impact.


Laser Cutting of Metal




The cutting of metals is possible if a sufficient laser power is available and if it is ensured that the released material can leave the incision area. This can be achieved by configuring a fixed laser beam with high-velocity auxiliary gas.


Laser Material Removal of Metal



Material Removal

Corrosion protection layers made of plastic materials that are applied on a metallic substrate can be removed with a high-power laser. The excellent removal performance and a homogenous beam profile ensure high removal rates. The metallic substrate is not damaged in the process and remains available for further processing (e.g. via adhesive bonding or galvanic methods).