Appropriate laser parameters for marking of glass depend strongly on the particular glass type used. Standard sheet glass or lead glass and many types of optical glasses are well processed using frequency converted Neodymium based Laser sources like the LEO 532 or LEO Mark 532 operating in the green or UV wavelength range. The marking can be applied on the surface as well as inside of the target material. A typical configuration consists of the laser source, a galvo scanner unit followed by a F-Theta lens to focus the beam. A further possibility provides the ps Laser CEPHEUS. It is the perfect choice to create high definition patterns. Surface marking roughens or engraves the surface. In contrast internal glass marking creates the pattern inside of the material, the surface is not impacted. It is a gentle way of marking without creating stress inside the glass making it exceptionally stable against temperature induced fracture.  

Appropriate laser sources:


CEPHEUS Mark    

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