Microscope-Camera option for WORKSTATION

In addition to the lateral camera, that is intended to assist with positioning, we also offer  a camera option with very high resolution for our laser marking system WORKSTATION.

This camera looks on the object through the scanner and scan lenses.

The resulting image section is relatively small (4×4 mm²), but in return you get a very high resolution. In this case the plane-field focusing lense operates like a close-up lense does in photography.

The maximum resolution is about 10μm.

Because the camera looks on the object through the scanner it is possible to adjust the view angle using the software. That way different parts of the object or of the label field can be examined. Our software can also combine different adjacent pictures (we call those small sections tiles) to a larger picture. In so doing we obtain a composite image of any part of the label field with a extremely high resolution. We recommend this camera option for applications that require a high precision positioning.

This option also enables you to very precisely control and document the output laser markings.