The new Ultrashort Pulse-Laser CEPHEUS 1050

PHOTON ENERGY announces its new 50W picosecond laser CEPHEUS 1050

50 Watts ultrashort pulse laser cepheusThe new laser relies on the proven technology and design of all other CEPHEUS lasers which stand out due to their robustness and reliability.

Alike the lower power versions, the CEPHEUS 1050 offers burst-mode- and single-shot-operation and high pulse energies of 300µJ.

The laser is suitable for precision micro-materials-processing of all kind of materials and enables higher throughput due to its high average power of 50W.


Typical applications are:
  • display glass cutting
  • engraving, cutting, drilling
  • wafer dicing
  • fast black-marking (corrosion-free) of stainless steel or anodized aluminium
Thus the CEPHEUS 1050 is a perfect tool for efficient production in fields like: 

• Microelectronics
Medical technology
• Semiconductor industry
• Automotive industry
• Tool manufacturing industry


CEPHEUS 1050 is water-cooled and comes with a choice of water-to-water or water-to-air heat exchangers. Its interface possibilities, compactness and low maintenance requirements allow for an easy and cost-efficient integration.


Repetition rate Strahlquelle CEPHEUS 1050 / laser source CEPHEUS 1050