Graphical intuitive user interface

Our PHOTONmark laser control offers you a user friendly, easy to understand layout and can be used to realize any kind of marking application.


Integrated CAD-Editor

Part of the program is also a CAD-editor which makes it easy to generate and modify logos and other graphics.

ns-Laserstrahlquelle LEO


Interface for automation

Our marking systems can be integrated into your manufacturing process using a multitude of interfaces.


Material data base

Our software facilitates the marking process by providing you with a set of laser parameters for your application.

Datenschnittstelle Lasermarkierung SAP UDI


Data interchange

Extensive possibilities for data interchange enable the connection to a SAP-environment as well as the integration into a UDI compliant production. 




Camera solutions

Our different camera options facilitate the positioning of markings with the CAD-editor. This can be done manually as well as automatically.