PHOTON ENERGY´s expertise with marking systems suggests to integrate the new ps Laser system. We combined the CEPHEUS with a deflection unit as it is used in standard marking systems. The basic setup is displayed in the diagram.

photon-energy-cepheus-aufbauThe Laser system emits the beam with a fairly small diameter, typically around 1mm. The telescope expands the beam to an appropriate size like about 10mm. The deflection unit consists of two galvo motors with a mirror mounted onto it´s axis. The beam is deflected by both mirrors in a way that each galvo unit deflects the beam in one particular direction (X or Y) within the 2-dimensional scanned field.  The two galvo motors are controlled by the marking software PHOTONmark.



A flat field lens, also known as F-Theta-lens, is attached directly to the deflection unit. It is focussing the beam to a flat plane which defines the labelling field. The beam waist diameter in that plane is typically around 40 μm.

This configuration can be used to guide the computer-controlled laser beam over the workpiece. Typical variable parameters for optimization of the machining process here include:

  • the feed rate with which the beam is moved over the workpiece,
  • the average power
  • the pulse repetition rate

This enables the machining of various applications with the ps laser.



Thanks to the compact design of CEPHEUS, we were able to integrate the system in our tried and tested WORKSTATION, a machining station of laser class I. Our WORKSTATION is the most compact ps machining station worldwide. The special, sophisticated optical equipment, which has been adapted to the high pulse peak power of the CEPHEUS ps laser, ensures reliable use under industrial conditions. Various sizes of the machining area can be realized by using different focusing optics. These different types of optics are available as optional components.