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Picosecond Laser CEPHEUS

CEPHEUS is a compact ultrafast laser. The pulse width of this modelocked diode pumped solid state laser are typically below 15 ps. These ultrafast laser pulses induce nonlinear multi-photon absorption processes which to a large extent make the processing independent from laser wavelength. That means that nearly all materials, even those being transparent at the laser wavelength, can be processed. A further advantage of ultrafast laser pulses is the fact that ablation is not based on heat effects like with nanosecond lasers. It´s a so called “cold ablation” which makes the CEPHEUS picosecond laser a perfect choice for all kinds of processes where deterioration of the work piece due to heat induced melting, deformation or discoloration are not acceptable.

Picosecond / Ultrashortpulse Laser Beam Source CEPHEUS


Available Versions

+ CEPHEUS 1012

+ CEPHEUS 1016

+ CEPHEUS 1050

Application Examples

+ Micromachining

+ Metal

+ Ceramics

+ Glas

+ Plastics


+ Cold ablation

+ pulse energies up to 300 μJ

+ high repetition rates

Pulse energies in the microjoule range provide a comparably small material ablation per pulse and therefore significantly increase the precision of the process compared to nanosecond lasers.

Thus, CEPHEUS lasers are the right choice wherever ns-lasers can’t meet the required precision standards.

CEPHEUS is designed for various applications. The laser is able to generate high pulse energies of up to 300 μJ which is needed for applications like precision hole drilling. CEPHEUS can also work at high repetition rates making it the right choice for fast processing. Because of this variability the available laser power can be applied efficiently, thus optimizing the process in terms of quality and speed.

The technical concept of the CEPHEUS laser system allows operating it in a burst mode regime. That means that instead of a single laser pulse a set of pulses within a short period can be generated. All critical parameters can be well adjusted to your process requirements providing optimum flexibility.

CEPHEUS can be easily integrated into your system because of its very compact design and air-cooling. The unique optical concept as well as its robust opto-mechanical design provide excellent stability, making it a perfect choice for shift operation in industry.

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Prior to its delivery every CEPHEUS laser passes a comprehensive final test.
Robustness and reliability are ensured by a special endurance test which is part of the final check procedure.

The endurance test comprises:

  • Long term test for minimum 48 hours with temperature fluctuations of +/- 5 degree
  • Test against electrical discharge with Tesla coil (a few tens kV)
  • Vibration and mechanical shock test (see video)

Only after passing those tests successfully the lasers are delivered to our costumers.


Laser Typemodelocked, Nd: YVO₄modelocked, Nd: YVO₄modelocked, Nd: YVO₄
Max. average power50 W @ 1 MHz16 W @ 500 kHz12 W @ 500 kHz
Pulse energy> 300 μJ @ 100 kHz;> 300 μJ @ ≤ 20 kHz;> 250 μJ @ 20 kHz
> 50 μJ @ 1 MHz> 120 μJ @ 100 kHz> 60 μJ @ 100 kHz
Pulse width< 15 ps< 15 ps< 15 ps
Frequency rangesingle shot – 1 MHz***single shot – 500 kHz*single shot – 500 kHz*
Beam qualityTEM₀₀ (M² < 1,5)**TEM₀₀ (M² < 1,5)**TEM₀₀ (M² < 1,5)**
Beam diameter (exit)1.0 +/- 0.1 mm0.6 +/- 0.1 mm0.6 +/- 0.1 mm
Laser Head Dimensions
(L x W x H)
700 x 362 x 220 mm³480 x 302 x 201 mm³480 x 302 x 201 mm³
Laser Head Weight75 kg38 kg38 kg
Laser Control Unit Dimensions
(L x W x H)
492 x 177 x 492 mm³492 x 177 x 492 mm³492 x 177 x 492 mm³
Laser Control Unit Weight23 kg23 kg23 kg
Chiller Dimensions
(L x W x H)
483 x 400 x 663 mm³NANA
Chiller Weight45 kgNANA
* 1 MHz upon
** typically M² < 1,3
*** optionally up to 4 MHz



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